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Coming This Summer - Carmine Appice's Rockaholics Fan Camp
Monday, Feb 11, 2013 3:44 pm
Coming This Summer - Carmine Appice's Rockaholics Fan Camp
How does spending a few days of major face time with me and some of my most excellent, legendary metal hero friends sound? 

Hearing our road warrior stories and attending sessions during the day, and groovin' to (and maybe participating in) intimate performances with us each night? 

That's what I'm assembling  at a beautiful, rustic resort near Woodstock  N.Y. Yes, THAT Woodstock! Coming August 26-30!

To be notified when I'm ready to announce and to receive updates re: celebrity counselors etc, email me asap (like TODAY) at info@panacea-ent.com I'll make sure to  let you know the nanosecond that special VIP  pre-registration is available. More info here.
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