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Carmine, Vinny, Rikers and the Huffington Post
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014 4:47 pm
Carmine, Vinny, Rikers and the Huffington Post
Carmine and Vinny Ay Rikers Island
There's only one road into Rikers Island. It takes visitors over a mile-long bridge, and standing before it, Officer Blackwell lists everything that can't be brought intoNew York City's largest prison.

"No cell phones, no electronic equipment not already checked in, no cigarettes, no lighters, no rubber bands," Blackwell says in a rehearsed voice.

"Can I bring my drumsticks in?" asks Carmine Appice, twirling the tools of his trade nervously.

For almost anyone else, the answer would surely be no. But when you're a 67-year-old rock legend who's worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, and countless other stars, you get special treatment.

Blackwell waves a dismissive hand as Appice and his 56-year-old brother, Vinny, make their way into one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States, home to 12,000 inmates.  READ FULL STORY
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