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Sticks 'N' Skins In the Smithsonian
Monday, Nov 28, 2011 8:00 am
Sticks 'N' Skins In the Smithsonian
Sticks 'N' Skins Press release
November 2011 
For Immediate Release 

Drum Roll Please. Enter and take a bow. Congratulations to all! You are now among the honored innovators and artisans on display at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. Thanks to everyone's combined efforts and talents, Sticks 'n' Skins takes its proud place on display in The Folk life Center at the Smithsonian. 

With the inclusion of Sticks' n' Skins in the library at the Smithsonian, you join the greats like Mahalia Jackson, B.B. King, Woody Guthrie, Josh White and so many others whose talents made an indelible stamp on the transformation of music in our nation. The inclusion of Sticks 'n' Skins at the renowned Smithsonian Institution ensures the preservation of this work of art honoring some of our greatest drummers. 

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! Yournon wavering dedication to your craft is the reason Sticks 'n' Skins exists. The list of prestigious placements of this work of art continues to grow. Sticks 'n' Skins is already proudly placed in the archives of the Grammy Museum, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame. 

Jules Follett says the words of a George Strait song best describes the way she feels. "Life is not the breaths you take... but the moments that take your breath away. Thank you for making this one for me!"
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