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Houston Press Celebrating Carmine's Birthday
Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 11:24 am
Carmine Appice (pronounced "uh-pees" despite his brother Vinny claiming it is "a-pee-chee" -- weird) is one of rock music's most recognized (and not just for the Fu Manchu 'stache) and longest tenured rock drummers. He also happens to be a somewhat polarizing figure. Despite being a contemporary and even predecessor to some of rock's finest stick wielders, Appice never garnered the acclaim as players like John Bonham and Ian Pace.

Some of that is simply because Appice's playing was not as complicated, some because he never played with a huge band, despite working with Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and others. Ultimately, Appice is known for playing heavier music, which also probably contributed to his only moderate appeal.

Still, the guy has been a performing rock drummer for five decades, a feat rarely seen in music, and he's also a pretty nice guy. I got to meet him and chauffer him around when I was 20 for a drum clinic he was doing in Houston. He was as friendly and good natured as you could imagine, which was not how he was portrayed by some in the industry at the time.

So, here's to you, Carmine Appice. Happy 65th! 
- Jeff Balke Houston Press  12/15/ 2011
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