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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 5:01 pm
1 MONTH AWAY...On June 1 2017, Carmine Appice releases an art collection built from rhythm to mark 50 years of making records.   Read more...
Monday, Jun 6, 2016 4:36 pm
Carmine Appice: Rock’s Most Influential Drummer Tells All
Carmine Appice, the most influential drummer in rock and roll history, recently released his autobiography: Stick It! My Life of Sex, Drums, and Rock 'N' Roll. I met Carmine at his book signing here in Philadelphia and shortly afterward I interviewed him.   Read more...
Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015 2:36 am
Vanilla Fudge Releases Their New Album
Vanilla Fudge released a new album on March 3 they say, is their heaviest work to date. The album titled Spirit of '67 on Cleopatra Records, includes ten classic tracks that were originally recorded in a pivotal year in music 1967. Vince Martell says, "Spirit of '67 is the continuation of the journey we began in the Summer of Love – psychedelic, rhythmically powerful arrangements of happening tunes of that era, colored by the insight and vision of who we are today."   Read more...
Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 1:27 am
Metal All Stars 2014 Western European Tour
Carmine has been appointed Musical Director for the Metal All Stars, Western European Tour. After a successful Eastern European tour last Spring, the Metal All Stars are returning to conquer the rest of Europe this fall with some exciting new additions to the line up.   Read more...
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014 4:47 pm
There's only one road into Rikers Island. It takes visitors over a mile-long bridge, and standing before it, Officer Blackwell lists everything that can't be brought into New York City's largest prison. "No cell phones, no electronic equipment not already checked in, no cigarettes, no lighters, no rubber bands," Blackwell says in a rehearsed voice. "Can I bring my drumsticks in?" asks Carmine Appice, twirling the tools of his trade nervously.   Read more...
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