July 27, 2018

Sweden Rock Live – Out Now Everywhere!

We are READY TO STRIKE again w/ our first ever King Kobra live album Sweden Rock Live.  Recorded in 2016 at the Sweden Rock Festival. 🐍

“King Kobra always did well in Europe and being able to play 30 years later with the band at one of the best festivals in Europe was a thrill.  I put this band together in the 80s it was great to see that it lasted the test of time. States Carmine Appice.  We played and rocked the house with the audience singing  and having a great time. The way it should be.”  Johnny Rod added “It felt great playing the Sweden Festival. It was great to know that the fans remembered us. It's great to know that true rock will never die. Keep on rockin forever.”

Available now on CD, download and across all streaming platforms ► Listen Here Now!



Which seems more dangerous: King Kobra or Iron Eagle?


Hello again! For a few months, the Lost and Found blog feature on Stuck in the '80s had to take a back seat to work obligations, but it's time to get back to what we love doing - profiling the lost songs and videos of the '80s. Hopefully you missed us while we were gone and we hope to come back on a regular basis because like King Kobra - we never say die.  Read more HERE




The new Message Board is now up and ready for use.

David Michael-Philips on HardKnockz

David just told me about an interview he did for HardKnockz, it's cool go here.

Message Board

I've received notice from InsideTheWeb that due to decline in business and lack of funding, they'll be shutting down all of their message boards on March 5th. I want you to know that there will be a new message board, although I haven't chosen one yet. I'd also like to make all the old posts accessible for reference, but that will take some time.

Album News!

As you may have seen on the Message Board, the band is beginning work on their new album. The record deal is with MTM Records in Europe. Plans are to begin recording in February. The album will be recorded at Sound Asylum in Los Angeles. Kelly Keeling will be on vocals. All the other originals will perform on the album, and possibly even some guest artists! Some working song titles right now are Bitch, Hollywood Trash, Do It, Subway, and I'm A Freak. They may also do a new version of Ready To Strike. The group is very pumped about their ideas. Look forward to a new King Kobra coming soon!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all the visitors of The Official King Kobra Website!

Thanks For 10,000 Hits!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the fans who have kept this site going and making it so much fun. Hitting 10,000 is really cool. When I made this site a little over a year ago, I knew it was gonna be great, but I didn't know that this many people would be into it. Check for something really cool really soon, I know you're gonna love it.

Demand King Kobra III!

Axe Killer Records have put out Ready To Strike and Thrill Of A Lifetime, but now it's time for the final King Kobra album to be available once again. Email Axe Killer and their manager asking for a re-print of King Kobra III!

Axe Killer:

Manager Thierry Wolf:

Thrill Of A Lifetime Released!

Thrill Of A Lifetime, one of the most sought after and highest-paid for CD's in rock, has finally been released on Axe Killer. It contains all the tracks of the original release plus one bonus track, This Raging Fire. Get your copy today!

David Michael-Philips Interview

Dave was kind enough to do an interview for the site. He mentions lots of cool stuff, some of it many people have never heard of...until now! Check it out here.

King Kobra Record Contract

The band was offered a record contract in Europe and they plan on signing soon.

Johnny Rod On Road With Carmine

Johnny will be playing at any Guitar Zeus shows in Europe, Asia, or the U.S.

Carmine In Legal Spiff...New Websites

A few of Carmine's websites were recently stolen by his webmaster, which has been the reason for the trouble accessing them. His new sites are and For more information, read what Carmine had to say about it at Metal Sludge.

Ready To Strike Remaster

"Deluxe, limited, numbered reissue of the heavy metal act's 1985 debut. Remastered. 16 page booklet with exclusive photos. 2000 release. Standard jewel case housed in a slipcase."

Check it out at Amazon.

Kelly Keeling New Singer?

Kelly Keeling (who worked with Carmine on Guitar Zeus) has been mentioned as a possible singer for the King Kobra Reunion Tour, but nothing has yet been made official.

King Kobra Tour Dates

Carmine has informed me that the band is working on tour dates for this year in Europe, and that they are also looking for record deals, but no names yet mentioned.

The Lost Years Chart Info

The Lost Years has entered the import charts in Burrn Magazine in Japan at #12 out of 50 import CD's.

Mark/Marcie Free Website

Recently Mark/Marcie Free has created a website for all the info-hungry fans. The URL is:

King Kobra Reunion Tour

King Kobra is planning on a reunion tour in Europe in 2000. All the original members, except Marcie, have agreed to it. The band hopes that Marcie will reconsider, but if not they will hire a new singer.




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